Monitor Networks, Servers and Apps

ServersMaster is an all-in-one application that can monitor devices, servers, websites and other applications in local and remote networks. The super easy interface backed by the high-performance engine and the embedded database, jumpstarts monitoring in no time.

Network and server problems can be automatically fixed before or right after they arise. Admins can be notified on the entire process of recovery, from the early detection of anomalies until the problem resolution. The advanced event manager, 11 built-in network tools, interactive data graphs and detailed reports, allow admins to follow-up the overall scenario and troubleshoot issues through a 'single pane of glass'.

You Landed in the Right Place!

Automatic Remedial Actions

As soon as a problem or an anomaly is detected, ServersMaster can fire Reactions that can inform admins of a certain status and/or execute actions to fix the problem. In the meantime, an event is added to the event manager with details of the issue and a list of remedial actions that were executed. Admins can write notes to events and mark their importance to better describe the situation. These are some of the neat ways provided by ServersMaster to better keep track of the overall scenario and recover from problems with no human intervention.

Software capacity and speed

Making software in Java, .Net and other interpreted programming languages is easier, but the resulting product has higher memory and CPU overheads. We ditched those technologies and created ServersMaster with micro-optimized C++ code and threads re-usage technology. The result is a high-performance system that can handle many concurrent monitoring operations with low CPU and memory usage.

Are there many things to install like database and client/server apps?

Finally.. NOT. ServersMaster is an All-in-One desktop application that combines the monitoring engine, user interface and database into a single package. No more slow web interfaces based on non-realtime refresh rates, no more tricks to make the database engine work on your system. Run the hassle-free installer, run ServersMaster and start adding Checks to monitor hosts and services.

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